Sandra Smith, Founder & Event Organiser, Huddles UK

Sandra Smith, Founder & Event Organiser, Huddles UK


I founded Huddles as it is the event that I would like to attend. I've worked in digital marketing as both a consultant and executive for over decade. Prior to that, I worked as Head of Partner Marketing and Partner Relations Manager for Symbian's Silicon Valley office.

A lover of marketing, technology, and - of course - startups, founding Huddles is the result of a lightbulb moment after many years ruminating on how I can best add value to the business community - and world at large.

I've previously organised and promoted corporate events for Symbian, Iotec Global, and Mobile Marketing, and have attended close to fifty trade shows and expositions, both as a participant and organiser, so have a good feel for what works.

But I'll let you be the judge of that if you decide to attend Huddles!

I can't wait to see you there if you do.