Richard Evans, Social Media Expert

Rich Evans, Director, Blue Frog Media

Rich Evans co-founded BlueFrog Media in 2013 fuelled by a passion for the way Social Media was impacting the digital marketing world.  With a thorough understanding of the food and beverage industry, BlueFrog created a unique multi-location social media service for some very large UK pub/restaurant brands. Around this unique service, BlueFrog built a full service agency catering for the PPC, SEO and other marketing needs of clients. Rich has a well-rounded understanding of all things digital; there isn’t a single task in the business Rich hasn’t performed at some point in his career and until very recently he worked day to day in overseeing the smooth running of all aspects of BlueFrog, as well as the development of team members into managers. Rich has now taken a step back from the day to day running of the agency and now shares his knowledge through the BlueFrog Academy and other events!


Away from Digital Marketing, Rich is training to become a football referee, is an avid Everton supporter, a drummer and father to a 4 year old. He's also fairly partial to cheese and crackers. He does not like cats.

Experienced and Passionate in all forms of online marketing, with a particular love of Social Media.