{My Journey} - Why The Hell Did I Start Another Events Company?

I founded Huddles to bring marketing professionals and business owners a unique learning experience.
As an independent marketer for many years, I found that a lot of workshops were either priced very high while not delivering a huge amount of value - or, they were tacked onto larger trade shows where it was hard to focus on learning - as there is usually so much other stuff going on.
So, I've built a highly-focused event that I would want to attend.
I've invited experts at the top of their respective fields, many whom I've known for years and are well-respected in their industries. I'm sure you've heard of a few already! (View the full lineup on our homepage)
Craig Campbell is a legend in SEO, as is Rikki Lear for Inbound Marketing. Alex Packham has gone from a social media-focused agency to an award-winning tech startup founder in under two years.
The best part about Huddles is that you get to engage with the experts in an interactive way, instead of listening to them in an audience, with a limited chance to ask questions, let alone have your work critiqued.
You'll even have the chance to have them critique your existing marketing efforts.
The Huddles will kick off with a fun exercise which gets you thinking about what you're doing and why.
And of course, there will be some networking over drinks afterwards.
I've deliberately kept the number of places available limited to ensure an intimate, collegial feel.
I do hope you can join us at Huddles Bristol. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. 
Places are genuinely limited, so best to register now to avoid disappointment.