{My Journey} - Why PowerPoint is So Boring?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is tired of marketing seminars that don't focus on ME. I'm sick of hearing from "experts" who are really just PAID sponsors and who use their talk to sales-pitch instead of teach.

I'm going to scream if I have to sit through another PowerPoint preso. Often with no instruction on how to put winning strategies into place, despite promises of "experiential learning" on the website.

I started Huddles because I couldn't find an event that included all of the marketing experts I wanted to meet and hear from in person.

Our experts live and breathe SEO, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing and Content Marketing.

Our experts don't pay to speak to you. You will learn from them via interactive exercises, critiques of your current efforts, and what you should do next to achieve your growth goals. Quickly.

So, if you're like me -- a marketing professional or small business owner interested in growth -- and tired of all the pretentious bulls*t, Huddles might be for you. Presale discount now live with 25% off. First come first serve...Full website and blog coming soon. When they're gone they're gone