{My Journey} - Why I'm Determined to Make Huddles a Success

I'm up at at six am on a Saturday to do some work, after working solidly all week to launch Huddles, while my little boy is on holiday with his Dad.

The reality is, as a single mum, I don't have the time to spend every minute on my business. The other reality is, some employers don't want to hire nearly 40 y/o single mums.

So if I want to provide the life I want for my son and me, I need to make Huddles a success. I appreciate all the support and kind comments I've gotten this week.

Any negative comments or just no comment helps to push me to keep going. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't want budding entrepreneurs to succeed.

We're seen as clueless, rebels, egoists, or dreamers. That is until the point where we're big enough to get respect.

Companies like HubSpot had to grow to receive billion dollar valuation before they got respect on Wall Street, so I'm not too worried.

There will always be someone who tries to discredit and belittle you, and that's okay. Rise above. Here's is a gif that Sam Hurley sent me earlier.



It's nice to be in touch with influencers who take the time to respond - because they've been there. No one is better than anyone else.

We're all at different stages of life and career. Have a great weekend, everyone.