{Attendee Interview} - Why Ayub is Super Excited About Huddles

Ayub Bulat, General Manager, Halal Group, Halal Guide


Hi Ayub, Thanks for taking a moment to speak with me. Tell us who you are and what you do?

I am a General Manager at HalalGroup which consist of over 10 websites, the main one is HalalGuide.me with almost one million monthly users. Halal Guide is a digital directory for Muslims around the world to help them find Halal-friendly restaurants, goods, and other services. 

Why Huddles?

I decided to sign up to Huddles to learn more about the topics covered - directly from experts who work with clients like me. It's also another platform to extend my network in the UK.  

What are you looking forward to at Huddles Bristol?

The main draw for me is the calibre of experts hosting the Huddles sessions, as well as networking and knowledge sharing with other like-minded business people and professionals. The SEO Huddle is of particular interest and very relevant to what we are doing at Halal Guide.

That's great, thank you, Ayub. We're looking forward to seeing you too at Huddles Bristol and delivering a memorable event.

Join Ayub and thirty other business owners and professionals at Huddles Bristol this September. Places extremely limited.