What Are Huddles And Why Should I Care?

Your Destination for a Fun, Interactive, Learning Experience. Giving


You the Tools and Knowledge You Need to Fuel Growth.

Designed with YOU in mind, HUDDLES are expert-led interactive
workshops devoted to providing YOU, the HUDDLERS, with the
authoritative marketing knowledge you need to achieve your business

What Huddles are and Why you'll Love Them

Huddles are designed for professionals and small-medium-sized business
owners focused on achieving growth through marketing.

You're hungry for growth - in your business and career - but are in
need of inspiration. Marketing and achieving consistent growth is
hard. If it were easy, we'd all be sipping champagne cocktails on a
yacht instead of devoting our lives to our businesses.

Huddles provide you with real-world instruction, advice, and feedback.
You won't be falling asleep during a PowerPoint presentation
scrambling to write down a lot of semi-useful anecdotes. instead of
presentations, we provide interactive exercises that you'll enjoy
doing, and will come away feeling inspired, refreshed, and

Huddles are interactive and include exercises that you'll enjoy doing
along with a spirit of friendly competition with your Huddlers.

You'll leave the day feeling inspired, refreshed, and invigorated --
ready to tackle your business goals head on.

Who Should Attend

All skill levels and positions are welcome whether you're the owner of
a medium-sized technology firm, or a freelancer trying to build a

You will benefit from experts feedback on your current marketing
efforts including suggestions for improvement.

You'll Love The Format

Workshops take place in a collegial, intimate, setting, meaning you
will make new friends, business contacts, and maybe even walk away
with a client or two.

With a networking session post-workshop, you'll have plenty of time to
deepen new relationships.

We don't pack bums on seats, instead limit our events to twenty-six
delegates to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak and share.

Our experts hail from the worlds of social media, search engine
optimisation, content, inbound and email marketing.

Hosts are there to impart knowledge, guide, and critique, not preach.
We don't believe in preaching.

They all lead successful agencies and helps clients like you do more
online every day., run profitable agencies and devise and implement
growth-focused campaigns for their clients year round.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn and improve.

Unlike at some events where you need to work for a large brand or have
a specific job title to attend.

How to Attend

Purchase a limited place ticket today to secure your place at Huddles Bristol.

Learn what the experts do, how to do it, and what results you can
expect -- and deserve to start achieving for your business.

Personalised Guidance for You Post Event

You'll leave your afternoon (and evening if you stay for drinks)
feeling motivated, determined, and excited for the future. And we
won't just leave you hanging once the day is done. We'll check back in
with you and connect you to experts you met on the day, or any others
who may be able to help you address your business requirements.

Unlike many events, we do not provide your contact information to
sponsors unless you ask us to.

You are free to exchange business cards at the event, of course, so
make sure you bring plenty!

Agenda (so far, we're working to pack even more information in...)

* How to Boost Your Google Rank

Hosted by Craig Campbell, Founder, Craig Campbell SEO

* Social Media Sparks - finding, keeping and building relationships
with customers on Social Media

Hosted by Rich Evans, Founder, Blue Frog Media

* How to Create and Schedule Great Content

Hosted by Alex Packham, Founder & CEO, ContentCal

* How to Strategise for Social Media and Come Up with a Plan

Hosted by Darren Fiander, Cofounder, Cheshire Cat

*What Content Should you Create and How Do You Get the Message out?

Hosted by Sonja Jefferson, Content Marketing Consultant & Trainer,
Valuable Content Ltd


The Great Big Social Media Panel Debate

Hear the hosts debate YOUR questions and give their opinions on the
state of Social Media Marketing, what the biggest mistakes they are
seeing are, and what are examples of the most successful campaigns.
And anything else you'd like to throw at them! Go on, give them a
challenge, they love it.


Network over drinks with our hosts, other business owners, and
professionals. All of whom are as excited as you are about the
prospect of growing your business through the most cost effective
channel and easiest to master channel - social media.

Quick note: By registering to Huddles - Bristol, you agree to our
terms and conditions, including agreeing to be photographed and
videoed for marketing and quality control purposes.

Another quick note: If you have any special accessibility
requirements, please get in touch with the organiser (details below)
and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

For sponsorship or event attendee enquires, don't hesitate to give us a shout.


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