{My Journey} - The Great Thing About Being a Solopreneur

It's a glorious bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and I decided to take a short trip on the train up to Exeter yesterday.

Getting out of "the office" aka my house is important because it's too easy to stay chained to your desk and become "stale."

The great thing about being a solopreneur - for me - is that I can work pretty much any time any place - as long as there's a wifi connection, of course. 

So, rather spontaneously, I grabbed my lappy - Huddles won't organise itself - and hopped on the train to do some work, and blow away some cobwebs in the process.


Despite warnings that the train was extremely crowded I was able to find a table seat right away. 

I love being close to the sea - especially this part of the journey through Teignmouth.

I accidentally snapped a little train watcher, despite the train going full speed!

I love the chilled Exeter vibe on a sunny day... But I was there to work, no stoop-sitting while eating a bratwurst for me.

I thought I'd grab a table at Costa, but didn't realised it had shut down and moved to inside WH Smith's. So I stumbled down Gandy Street


and ended up at the Exeter Phoenix.

Which turned out to have a rather lovely cafe, replete with outdoor seating. Although I stayed inside to avoid sun glare on my screen :)


I fought the urge to buy art from a vending machine

Or from the wall

But I did pick up a bunch of magazines

So that's Saturday reading sorted.

And I found a Creative Hub that would be perfect to frequent if I ever moved to the City. Which given it's proximity to Bristol and Plymouth would not be a bad idea.

Although I'd have to be careful to avoid all the treats on offer...


These were simply too good to resist.

Now it's back to work.

Have a great long weekend whatever you're doing!