{Attendee Interview} - Paula's Thrilled for Huddles - Are You?

With just over two weeks until Huddles Bristol lands at The Forge, I sat down with excited attendee, Paula Luke.

Hi Paula, Thank you so much for speaking with me today. Tell us who you are and what your company does?

I am a director and founder of The-Marketing-Department, a team of outsourced marketing experts with decades of experience across every marketing disciplines.

The-Marketing-Department was created to support businesses who need extra marketing horsepower, be it a start-up looking for a strategy or support with a specific project or a large corporate looking for day-to-day marketing that supports their business goals, digital marketing direction, content creation or social media expertise.

What made you decide to attend Huddles Bristol?

Huddles sounded like a novel approach to learning from experts in their field and from peers in the Bristol region.

The concentrated approach, 4 'huddles’ in an afternoon appeals to someone like me who is busy running a business, has little time to spare but it always keen to learn.

The promise of a ‘powerpoint free’ environment also appeals; acquiring skills and knowledge through hands-on practice is always a preferable to being talked at with the aid of slides!

What are you looking forward to at Huddles?

I’m looking forward to hearing from experts about their views and opinions on the key digital marketing challenges we all face.

I’m particularly interested in the SEO Masterclass and hoping it will help me with some take-aways that will help me educate my clients (as it’s one of the areas businesses often struggle to grasp).

And of course, when the grey cells are exhausted, the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses over drinks is a bonus.

That's great, Paula. We are all looking forward to seeing you at the event too!

To join Paula, the other executives, business owners, and consultants - and our five expert hosts - at Huddles Bristol secure your place today. There are currently just 7 places left.