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Meet the Huddles Experts

I sat down with Alex Packham, CEO of Content Cal, to learn more about his domain expertise and what the focus of his Huddles session will be.


Alex Packham CEO Content Cal

Hi Alex, Thanks for joining me. Tell our readers what was your motivation for hosting at Huddles?

To meet and connect with likeminded individuals in similar industries, share my knowledge, learn from others, their stories and experiences 

What can attendees look forward to in your session?

I'll draw on my eight-plus-years' experience in social media for businesses from my time at corporates (ODEON + Sky), and knowledge of running successful social media campaigns in various different industries (b2b and b2c), from my time running social media agency, ASTP.
I'll be sharing knowledge of building a technology solution in the social media space (ContentCal) and how to grow an agency to over £1m in revenue.
I'll also discuss how to deploy software in your agency to increase productivity and profitability.

That sounds great. For anyone not yet convinced, explain why mastering social media is important for businesses looking for growth?

Social media, marketing, and technology - and the three combined - is a constantly growing market that is incredibly fast-paced and always changing.
I believe I've managed to keep ahead of the industry and what is (and sometimes what isn't) changing, and therefore sharing my experience will allow people to learn what really matters and doesn't matter in the industry.
This will help attendees grow their business more efficiently as they'll learn where to focus their social marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Thanks, Alex. We can't wait for your session at Huddles Bristol.

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