{My Journey} - How To Overcome Fear And Become A Success

This morning I woke up. At first, I felt excitement. Then I felt fear.

"I've got 23 seats to fill for an event and only seven weeks to do it! Can I really pull this off?!"

I'm a bootstrap operation, team -of-one. I do everything from the website, to the marketing, to the sponsor outreach, to the expert host line up.

I'm also a mum to a three-year-old who is currently on summer holiday! Am I mad? Quite possibly.

Am I determined to make Huddles Bristol, and subsequent Huddles in London and Manchester a success? Hell, yes.

So, my mantra over the coming weeks will be: "Keep focusing on the end goal, and you'll get there."

Visualisation of success is key. At least that's what all the successful people say! But it makes sense.

I have the picture of the perfect event in mind. Now it's a case of putting all the puzzle pieces in place to achieve it. So I better get back to work....Happy Monday, everyone!!!