{Downtime} Getting the Most out of the Weekend so I can Smash the Week

Weekends are great for getting perspective. I normally spend Saturdays working while my little boy goes to his dad's. But Sundays are for spending quality family time together.

Today we took a trip to Tavistock in Devon via the Moors. It was great to be out in the countryside with the sun shining.


Saw so many farm animals grazing, and even a few Dartmoor ponies roaming freely.


Getting fresh air and communing with nature is the best way to recharge my batteries. A few coffees didn't hurt either.


Now I'm reinvigorated, ready to tackle a busy week ahead. 


...And this one enjoyed himself too.


I'll leave you with this gem I picked up in a Tavistock cafe/bakery. Bedtime reading sorted!

Have a great week. I'll be posting event updates daily so do check back when you can.


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