{Attendee Interview} - Why Super Creative Diana is Super Happy for Huddles

I sat down with Diana, a lovely and funny lady I connected with on social media recently.
Diana Huddles Attendee
The beauty of social media is that Diana will now be coming along to Huddles Bristol, so we get to meet in real life. How cool is that? I started Huddles for people like Diana - creative entrepreneurs who want to do more online while growing their businesses.

Diana, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Tell us a bit about you? 

I’m a storyteller for social media & screen. Scandinavian mind, Polish heart. I also run a decorating company in Muswell Hill, London.

Why Huddles?

I love brave communication, you know the kind that makes your brain buzz like it’s a smartphone that’s just received an important text message.

Your LinkedIn articles inspired me to up my game.

By just applying one simple technique I learned from you, I went from 50 average post views to above 400 in just a week.

So that’s a no brainer, I want more!

You are too kind, and your cheque is now in the post. Thank you for saying that! What are you looking forward to learning from the real experts at Huddles? 

I’m self taught and will always have a lot to learn. I’m particularly excited about the SEO Huddle as I’m currently working on my first self-made website.

That's awesome, thanks, Diana. The other hosts and me can't wait to see you all @Huddles! 

Join Diana and thirty other ambitious attendees at Huddles Bristol on Wednesday 20 September 2017. Limited places available to ensure an intimate, collegial setting.