{Attendee Interview} - Dawn is Already Awesome But Wants to be More Awesome

Hey Everyone, Meet Dawn

Dawn is our first Huddler signed up to Huddles Bristol. We love Dawn. We want a room full of people like Dawn. Enthusiastic, keen-to-learn business owners and marketing executives looking to grow their organisations online.

Read why Dawn signed up to attend Huddles Bristol below....

Dawn, marketing agency owner, huddles attendee

Hi Dawn. First off, a massive thank you for being our first registrant! You're awesome. Now tell everyone who you are and what you do....

I'm Dawn, founder of a Devon-based agency. I work with clients in the UK, Europe and the Middle East helping them to implement customer-focused digital marketing strategies.

Fantastic! Why Huddles?

As you know, Sandra, the digital marketing arena changes every day with fresh innovations and new technologies being introduced all the time.

As a Marketing Consultant, it's vital for me to stay ahead of the game so that I can provide exceptional services to my clients and their customers.

I couldn't agree more. What are you looking forward to the most? 

I'm very much looking forward to the SEO Huddle so that I can refresh my knowledge.

As more and more people are placing value on organic search results and becoming blind to paid ads, SEO is vitally important to the success of any business. 

Thanks, Dawn - we're very much looking forward to seeing you too.

If you're looking to fuel growth through strategic and tactical digital marketing, you may want to be awesome like Dawn, and come along to Huddles.

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