{Expert Interview} - Another Amazing Expert Tells Me Why They're Excited for Huddles

Huddles Bristol is less than one month away

The anticipation is building and lots of prep is going into making the event is as perfect as possible.
I took a breather to sit down with one of the expert hosts who I am super excited to meet in person

Richard Evans, Cofounder & Operations Director at Blue Frog Media (aka Mr Frog)

Rich Evans, Mr Frog

Hi Rich! Thanks for taking time out to speak with me. Why are you hosting at Huddles?

I LOVE working with businesses on Social Media, and Huddles sounds like a really exciting take on the 'normal' networking- seminar-workshop type events.
Social Media is so subjective, and every single business or individual has a different opinion on how it should be done. 
I tend to learn something myself at every event!  

That is great, Rich. And what can attendees look forward to in your session?

A fun, no bullsh*t approach to why engagement on Social Media is so important, so you can harness it's power for good - along with a little taste of how you can fight those using it for evil! 

Intriguing... For anyone not convinced, why is Social Media Marketing so important to master?

Because Social Media for business is an art, not a Science.  You can make a huge impact on Social Media regardless of budget so it's a great way for SMEs to gain traction without spending a fortune on traditional ads or paid search.

Excellent, thank you, Rich! We can't wait to participate in your session at Huddles.

Richard will be hosting a Social Media Huddle at Huddles Bristol on Wednesday 20th September 2017.
Interview by Sandra Smith, founder, Huddles. Mr Frog image courtesy of Rich Evans.

About Blue Frog Media

Blue Frog Media is a Bideford, Devon based marketing agency established in 2012. They've grown quickly to becoming an award-winning digital and social media agency, and employ a team of over 50 staff. Read more.

About Huddles

Huddles are an expert-led, interactive marketing workshop series focused on all aspects of digital marketing. Read more.